Keep it frank.

This one is for the kids!

This one is for the kids!

OKAY. We're not exaggerating when we say we're going crazy over the recent changes to our Kids & Baby room & we hope you will be too. 

Everyone (including us) has Kathleen, our new Inventory & Operations manager, mom of FIVE, to thank for our excitement. She has graced us with her super mama knowledge & brought in some seriously cute new apparel & accessories. 

Take a sneak peek below & make sure to visit us online or in-store to see (and buy) more!

Pink Solid Baby Gown

Modern Solid Gown - Peony

Modern Llama Kid's Apron

Little bear tee

Camping Bears Kid's Apron

Little Bear Toddler Tee

Clouds Pattern Gown with Mitts

Clouds Pattern Gown with Mitt

Little Rainbow Memory BookBaby memory book and milestone stickers

Little Animal Lover Memory Book

Little Animal Lover Monthly Stickers



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