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To My Dearest - Valentine's Day Cards Sure to Impress

To My Dearest - Valentine's Day Cards Sure to Impress


Now that it’s nearing the end of January, I’m sure you’ve started to notice (and started to buy) all of the Valentine’s candy. I mean come on, who can ignore all of the giant heart shaped boxes of chocolate & our personal favorite – Ferrero Rochers.

This time of year, buying the candy and gifts are the easy part. It’s buying the “perfect card” that puts a damper on our love for this holiday. Because let’s be honest, finding the perfect card these days is near impossible. If we see one more sappy, googly-eyed, or worse, the cards that freakin’ sing, we’re going to lose our shit.

Since we can’t be the only ones with these thoughts, we’ve done our research and compiled a list of our favorite Valentine’s Day cards. We found the sweet & simple, the weird, and the rated PG-13ish. We’re sure you’ll find at least one that speaks to you & your loved one!


Funny Valentine's Day Cards

 A.) "To My Dearest- I see London, I see France, let me in your underpants. The End" 

B.) "I Really Like You"  

Funny and Honest Valentine's Day Card

"I want to be on you" 

Sweet Valentine's Day Cards

A.) "I Love You" 

B.) "You make the World a better place" 

Love is in the Air Valentine's Day Card

"Love is in the air"


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