Keep it frank.

She said, “Yes” so gift the BEST!

She said, “Yes” so gift the BEST!

Get ready ladies and gents, because the holiday season is quickly approaching! Besides turkeys and taters, Yuletide and eggnog, we all know what this exciting season means: Engagements-palooza. That's right! Beaus bending knees, questions being popped (bonus: champs), and you'll quickly find yourself needing the perfect go to congratulations gifts.  Stock up on these Frank Regards “must gives” so you’re certainly prepared to celebrate them all the way to their BEST DAY EVER!

A $10 bottle of wine (come on, you're probably getting invited to 15 weddings in 2018- be budget conscious) looks like a million bucks in this sentiment rich booze bagDouble bonus- you save on wrapping when your gift is dressed this pretty! Don’t only be prepared to celebrate all night, though. Make sure you’re also the Florence Nightingale for the bubbly recovery with some caffeinated fuel in this bride-worthy coffee mug.  She’ll definitely need it when she’s ready to hammer out the deets from venues to crudités stations, and you’ll be right by her side tracking all of the pinspiration on this no-nonsense notepad. You'll have covered both the party and the practical with our well-rounded gifting, solidifying your spot as most supportive attendant for sure. Get that prime head table spot, you’ve earned it! 

As a guru to all things wedding gifting, you can count on Frank Regards to get it done. There’s nothing Team Bride that we can’t handle and besides, we know you have more to worry about like bachelorette planning (travel wherever in style) and which groomsman will go best on your arm. 

Keep it Frank.

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