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Is Your 'Little' Ready for Valentine's Day?

Is Your 'Little' Ready for Valentine's Day?

We all know it, so let's be honest. Those drug store Valentine's you're buying for your 4th grader to take to school just don't cut it anymore. Dammit, Pinterest. We can't help you out there, BUT if you've got a very tiny human living in your home, look no further. 

We're talking about your babies that are too young for the candy but just the right size for an oh-so adorable Valentine-Inspired onesie! We’ve got two 'heartbreaker' onesies for you to choose from – one white heartbreaker onesie and one grey heartbreaker onesie. Not only will the message ring oh-so-true of your little cutie but the quality of these onesies are sure to impress! If you’re looking for a sweet way to remind everyone that you (mama bear) will always be the ORIGINAL valentine, then you definitely need to check the infamous words of Tupac on our 'Ain’t a Woman Alive that Can Take My Mama’s Place' onesie.

We would love to help dress your little for Valentine’s Day 2017! If you haven’t already signed up for our emails, be sure to do that first (on our homepage) and you can save 10% on your first order. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours!


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