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I'll Be There For You... Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

I'll Be There For You... Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

When the holidays are around, there's plenty of opportunities for reminiscing with friends and family. Everyone is in town and down to happy hour, meet for a coffee or catch up on the couch, but as soon as it's begun, BAM it's over. We're approaching Spring and you haven't caught up with your out of town bestie in say, three months? Where has the time gone? What is she doing with her life? Why does distance feel so thwarting?

Long distance relationships with friends can be hard, even when you've been in each other's lives forever. When you can't share the day to day experiences, you may feel like all of your calls fall into the same scripted conversation: updates, follow-ups, and the "talk to you soons." Don't let living apart cause you to grow apart, but instead consider some of these opportunities to keep up with the Kardashians your star-crossed bestie.

Take Up a Long-Distance Hobby- Not everything you and your platonic soul-mate do "together" has to be done in physical tandem. One of our (seriously work in progress) passions here at FR & Co is learning calligraphy and hand-lettering. As a beautiful and creative outlet, we can decompress and share some pen-pal love through keeping in touch! We recommend tutorials from Amy of One Artsy Mama, to pick up some tips. Her tutorials are easy to follow and excellent quality, bar none. Everyone enjoys receiving snail mail, and what better way to say, "I Miss You" than on this card displaying your new talent. The time it takes and beauty it exudes (after practice) makes this a thoughtful happy that you can do individually, but track progress as a pair!

Frank Regards Hobby Lettering Friendships

Create Conversations that Aren't So-So- How's work? How's the fam? What are you doing this weekend? These general rut diggers in a conversation can lead to nothing memorable when you're limited on time to connect. If you haven't already been updated with this general "BFF 411" via social media or the group chat, then you're stuck wasting some of the valuable time you actually have set aside hitting these boring basics. Instead, try using some content heavy questions we've prepared that can really open up those heart to hearts:

1) What's been making you most happy recently?

2) Was there anything this week/month that really caused you to take pause and be grateful?

3) What are you really hoping to accomplish or do this year?

As "hokey" as some of this may sound, (I get it, this isn't a personality test) they are great questions to ask that would be discussed if you lived closer. They allow you to hear the details from the source, not just tidbits relegated through an instagram snapshot you double-tap. Put for this effort and you'll be surprised what you learn. Easy input for a more valuable output, amirite?

Send Gifts- Now hold up, Frank. I'm certain you didn't just attempt to run up a Veuve Clicquot bill on my Barefoot pinot budget, right? We know, we know, we know guys, don't snap your corks off. By the word "gifts" we are by no means implying a Hanukkah-series present exchange every time you visit the mailbox. We say gifts in reference to a small, occasional happy that focuses on thoughtfulness in it's delivery, no matter the shape or form or cost.

Frank Regards Recommends Best Babes Pins Gifts

If words are your method of friendship love language, a moment of thought put into picking the perfect funny or supportive GIF can brighten someone's day. A special type of candy randomly says I thought of you and wanted to share. Even an email just popping by to say "I appreciate you" is a wonderful gesture to connect. These small "gifts" have value with little expense but a lot of impact: definition of bang for your buck. And when you randomly want to send a gift that requires a little extra investment, there are lots of new ways to show some long distance friend love. We're totally digging this modern spin on the classic BFF's necklace by SeoulLittle. The sweet "Best Babes" message on these gold lapel pens say we have flair and style. Pinned to your favorite ball cap or crossbody strap, think of your LD gal pal every time you see your half. 

The Good Vibes coffee mug is also an awesome and inexpensive reminder for positivity that your friend will love to sip (whatever she likes) out of. Starting her Mon-daze with a dose of energy and thoughtfulness is an excellent way to keep your friendship in mind. We'll even write a hand-written note for you, just leave the deets in your order message! Remember, your vibe attracts your tribe! 

So basically, here's the deal. At FR & Co, we value women supporting women and want to encourage those relationships to grow and prosper. Through all walks of life, this camaraderie is unlike any other, and we hope any of these tips can assist in helping you nurture yours. With a little focused investment, you can (cue the cliché) let absence make the heart grow fonder!

Frank Regards Best Babes Long Distance Friendship

It's that or walk 500 miles... you choose.


Keep it Frank.


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