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Go to Brunch and then do a Crunch... Or not.

Go to Brunch and then do a Crunch... Or not.

Brunch:  brən(t)SH – traditionally the late morning meal between early-bird worm eaters and those save-the-worm-I’ll-get-chicken-fingers diners, has recently upped its street cred with restaurants pulling out all the stops to make breakfast great again. No longer are brunches reserved for after church gatherings with finger sandwiches {most unappetizing name ever?}, or as a final leave already send-off meal for visitors. Now these soirees include buffets of chicken and waffles, make your own parfait art, and the most important invitee to the table: the mimosa.

Whether you mix it with your standard OJ or spice it up with a pomegranate twist, your mimosa is by far the highlight of brunch and contains that oh so vital juice that is life: champs. Popping bottles in the AM now leaves happy hour in the dusk (along with body-con dresses, stiletto heels, and your favorite falsies) ushering in the need for attire that is cute, comfortable, and most importantly--- has room to expand.

Let other guests know your motives as soon as you roll up to the drink station wearing this Champagne Vibes tee, both casually chic and adorably appropriate. It’s always a good time for the bubbly and this top is the perfect accoutrement to the meal for highlighting the occasion. A soft flowy fit, American made, and straight to the point; need you buy more? Leave it to Frank Regards to make sure Veuve Clicquot won’t be the only thing feeling luxurious.

And if last night is rolling into this morning and ordering a hair of the dog isn’t your thing? Let your friends know with this tank, two waffles, and that raspberry orange scone you’ve been side-eyeing since you walked through the door because duh… carbs.


Keep it Frank.

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