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FR & Co Friends Q + A with Christina

FR & Co Friends Q + A with Christina

We sat down with our Marketing Coordinator, Christina Johans, to talk about our new influencer program— FR & Co Friends. 




Q: What exactly is FR & Co Friends? 

Christina: FR & Co Friends is a program that lets us work with women who really exemplify our brand. Our influencers (friends) share our products through their social media platforms to spread the word about FR & Co and what we have to offer for women in every stage of life.  


Q: What are you looking for in a "Friend"? 

Christina: We are looking for someone who can be an extension of us. Someone who can enjoy our products and introduce us to their friends. We are looking for "friends" in every stage of womanhood who share our values and humor. We hope to find women we can work with on an ongoing basis. You don't necessarily need a huge social following; what excites us most is a close-knit and engaged social following. Bonus: you have a blog. 


Q: What does this partnership entail?

Christina: We want this partnership to be genuine. We will work together to find a product that best fits based on our "friends'" social circle and following. From there, we will send the product free of cost. Once the product is received, we ask the influencer to share their new FR & Co product with their group of friends. As far as the content goes, we want to keep it real and honest. We want our "friends" to speak from the heart about how much they love the product and why they have it. 


Q: Why did FR & Co start this program?

Christina: This is a new marketing channel that works for us while keeping it real, which is what we are all about. Hearing about a product from someone you know and trust means a lot these days. We want to create real relationships with people. 


Q: What type of information needs to be provided from potential "friends"?

Christina: Information about themselves, what stage of womanhood they are currently in, what product(s) from FR & Co they would be interested in sharing and why, what product(s) they believe their followers would like to see and why, sharing their social media handles and blog if they have it. 


If you think you would be a good fit for FR & Co Friends, please email Christina at 

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