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Our Brick & Mortar is OPEN Thursday through Sunday. Complimentary Shipping on orders over $125.
Our Brick & Mortar is OPEN Thursday through Sunday. Complimentary Shipping on orders over $125.
Fall-ing for Autumn

Fall-ing for Autumn

We’re not sure about you all, but at Frank Regards the moment that Labor Day weekend ends and the white jeans return to the closet, we’re instantly ready for fall and all that is cozy warm. Forget these last few weeks of sweltering heat that seem to be solid evidence of global warming  killing my sweater weather anticipation; let us begin to prep from head to home for the necessities of Autumn.

Leaves are changing and Fall tells us nothing if not about the beauty that comes from letting things go: especially all of those Tropicana breeze and mango tango candles you’ve been burning all summer ( #tbt PCB spring break 2011). Start ushering in the cool weather spirit with a scented and spiritual awakening by one of these candles. Not everything from September-December has to be #PSL flavored and the aroma from this spiked cider/apple goodness will seriously set the scene. You’ll be booking a trip to Eckert’s in no time after one whiff of this jarred deliciousness.  If you need that traditional pumpkin scent though, check out the Basic Witch candle. (ßalso the perfect Halloween hostess gift) With 50+ hours of burn time, it lets your baesic self linger long after you’ve left the room!

If it seems like we’re courting Fall, we definitely are, and now it’s time to pumpkin spice up the wardrobe.  And while spicing it up may remind you of cutouts, cutoffs, and crop tops, we’re recommending you create perfect fall outfit with some attitude. In our nope. not today. sweatshirt, you’ll stay warm, comfortable, and understatedly Frank  It’s the perfect heathered black and sarcastic sentiment that pairs oh so well with your favorite craft beer, booties, and hayride. Maybe if we all dress this cute for the weather it will come around sooner and stay longer?

So the scene is set, we’re appropriately attired, and ready to cuddle up for a good Netflix and chill. Since you’ve kept it Frank with your deals, you’re more than financially ready for the Netflix price hike. No one wants to miss what happens with Eleven and the gang and because that binge is DEFINITELY going to require a perfect level of chill, make the best decision of your life and pick up this comfy wool throw. All curled up you’ll sail through the next Stranger Things season and any other show to tide you over until our beloved GOT returns. #WinterIsComing #SortOf 

Keep it Frank.

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