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Our Brick & Mortar is OPEN Thursday through Sunday. Complimentary Shipping on orders over $125.
Our Brick & Mortar is OPEN Thursday through Sunday. Complimentary Shipping on orders over $125.
Ding Dong the Witch was Here All Along!

Ding Dong the Witch was Here All Along!

Newsflash! Special Report! PSL! No wait, PSA, but whatever, pay attention. Leaves are changing, October has begun, and the quarter four holiday fest is about to begin. Cue the infinity scarves as we break out everything pumpkin for Fall and Halloween

But have no fears, my pretties, as this is the ultimate opportunity to set your inner witch assail with zero judgment! Whilst the idea of the holiday usually revolves around precious darlings rapping at the door, bags a stretched asking for sugary handouts, there is absolutely zero reason why adults can’t indulge in their own spooky mischief. In other words: bring on the boo’s (the alcoholic kind…duh) and their trick-or-treat trimmings, because Frank Regards can outfit you from head to hands in all that is Halloween glory.

Though we’re not ones for setting down our glasses too often, especially when we’ve spent the time to master one of these witchy brews, we do like to emphasize the need for the best beverage accessories around. Up your dark and twisty tablescape with some of these assorted napkins, and you’ll definitely be on your way to a merry night hocus pocus with your favorite Sanderson Sisters.

On a more important note, while planning how to deck out the home for fright fest 2017, let’s cut ourselves a break and leave the spanx-demanding costumes on the shelves. Why waste the time climbing into the awkward and not so Little Bo’ Peep costume you might regret three ding dongs in, when you can wear this incredibly Frank and soft, American-made sweatshirt. Not only is it in the best heathered black, but it fully embraces those 17 miniature Milky Way bars you just slipped in between trick or treaters. Paired with your perfect skinnies and bae-sic fall riding boots, you’ll comfortably, hilariously, and appropriately greet any little goblin coming to the door.

Say what happens now, when its half past ten, the doorbell is filing assault charges at the local precinct, and you’re ready to watch anything that is goose bump-y until you pass out from your own sugar high? Curl up under this merino wool heaven and drift off to sleep (avoiding Jasons and Jigsaws and Kalabars). Don’t forget, you’ve got candy leftovers waiting in the pantry tomorrow morning!

Keep it Frank. 

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