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Baby, it's (still) too damn cold...

Baby, it's (still) too damn cold...

When even a trip to Target isn't worth getting the babes out in this lingering winter slush, you know that it's just too damn cold (still). Mama's of the world, we know the seasonal blues are holding strong, so here are a few suggestions to help make the great indoors less Prison Break and more Modern Family. 

Comfort is Key: From your head to your frigid toes, make sure that if you can't get out in your favorite #OOTD, that you're staying in with comfort and quality. To make the day a little more bear-able, we suggest this Frank Regards sweatshirt. Lightweight, long-sleeved, and soft enough for all your little Cub's hugs, this top makes staying in worthwhile. Wrestle about in pillow forts or cozily conceal while playing hide-and-seek (in the same four spots you've used all day); either way you're set to Mama with the best of them.

Staying Healthy while Hibernating: Part of the drear of being stuck inside comes with knowing just every bug you're avoiding catching in this flu-ridden apocalypse season. Staying inside might be a safeguard, but don't forget these few in-house measures to ensure your wellness. Hand washing is even more crucial in the winter months, but we absolutely dread the dryness associated with healthy hands. We recommend this Rejuvenating Rose Butter by Nourish Organic to help. Certified organic, with a smooth and fast-absorbing formula, your hands will begin to feel replenished in no time. We're big fans of the natural and organic lines from Thrive Market and this has become a go-to for the FR staff. 

Frank Regards Recommended Products

Another natural immune booster is upping your water intake. Staying hydrated helps the body regulate at it's peak capacity, a focus not usually expressed throughout the winter. Though momming around indoors MIGHT not make you feel as exerted as you would in better weather, your water consumption shouldn't take the hit. Though we're craving--needing-- more of those hot chocolate and caffeinated goodies (see our FR favorite local coffee here), Frank Regards recommends these super fun S'well water bottles for downing the H20. With so many options, it's like accessorizing your health every time you fill up. The bright colors and patterns, like our favorite the Ultraviolet, have us mentally preparing for Summer since the only thing hot right now is our thermostat. And FR beauty bonus, hydrated skin looks younger and fresher, so even if the cooped up chitlin's are graying the hairs exponentially, your new S'well is working to turn back the hands of time.


Frank Regards Recommended Product


Speaking of hair, when was the last time you took some time to give yourself a great deep conditioning treatment? Never, maybe? Put those long baby naps or Disney marathons to good use, and follow this bomb hair treatment from one blogger the FR staff loves to follow, Carrie Bradshaw Lied. Get that mane ready for when you actually can leave the house and enjoy your own mini spa/laundry room/nursery treatments that's sure to have locks on fleek. (is fleek still a thing? It's been so long since we've been out).

We don't know when Mother Nature is going to give it a rest, so until she's let's up, Frank Regards hopes you'll find some liberation with us. Here are a few, final, cabin fever buzz killers we suggest to help pass the time...

FR favorite Mom + Kid energy-busters: this list from What Moms Love

FR favorite reads: anything Cara Alwill Leyba

FR favorite in-home meditations: Meditation on the Yoga with Adriene channel on Youtube

FR favorite podcasts: Call Your Girlfriend and How I Built This

Warm thoughts.


Keep it Frank.

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